• Hi all, first thread in this incredible artists community. I just wanted to show some of the work I did during the past using Zbrush. It's a mix between professional and personal works. I hope you'll ...
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  • Here is my latest model, which is gonna be realtime I was really inspired by the stuff i saw in the ''Rage'' trailer, that's why i'm trying to create this mechanic/piraty/postapocalyptic guy The ...
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  • Hi, guys~ This is my first portfolio. Recently I'm working for this. I got inspiration from the Norse mythology. This warrior is Tyr, bro of Thor. Tyr is most brave and bold god of war. ...
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  • Hello everyone! I just finished my latest personal project, I know that almost everything has already been said about aliens, but I just wanted to share my personal view about them, or about one of t ...
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  • I just finished this model this weekend. I did all the sculpting and texturing in ZBrush. Edward James Olmos would probably be impossible to sculpt without ZBrush. Enjoy. 作者:tonysculptor ...
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  • Hi! Just wanted to share a couple of illos i`ve been done recently, first one is a tribute to Timegate`s Section 8 done for fun after the completion of Blur`s game cinematic, second one is a tribute t ...
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  • Hello guys. It's been quite a long time since last time I posted so now I decided to share with you a few of my latest digital maquettes, concept art images and quick doodles. Tooth fairy was done w ...
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  • Hello, I just want to share this Heath Ledger model that I've been working on recently......I also posted on CGtalk so you might already seen it I'm just gonna dump all the images from start ...
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  • Hi all This is my first time to post here . I want to share some of my zbrush works Hope you like them. critiques are welcome. Then I decide to digitally scuplt it using Zbrush because that is ...
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  • Hi all, This is SIG playing poker, he is a winner? This is my first post here, and also my first work using Zbrush. I have used maya for the base models, and Zbrush for details, reshape, tra ...
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  • hey guys, here's my latest sculpt. ?t's based on a concept from the upcoming darksiders game so all props to the guys over at Vigil for the concept and Idea. 作者:kotter
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  • Hello everyone, thank you for looking. I wish to share my entry for CGTalk's "80's Cartoons" Hardcore Modeling Challenge. Folks here at ZBC are an endless source of inspiration. 作者:omnilight ...
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  • Hello All, Long time without post. I do couple for work during the year and I want to share. Hope you like that!!! Some image coming soon on my web site and I upload my new DemoReel & Modeling Ree ...
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  • Hi Folks Dragon age origin came out 2days ago, so I would like to show you what I do on the project, I was the main creature artist on DA project, so made a most of important creature in DA. Dr ...
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  • Hey fellows! I'm happy to share with you my latest ZBrush 3.5 tests. Must say huge thanks to Pixologic guys! New brushes and features are just epic! Really diggin it. For the first sculpt I used a ...
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  • Hi fellow zbrushers! This thread is collection of Dragon bust 3d sketches I did over the course of February using Zbrush. 55 designs in less then 28 days. Most of them are modeled from scratch or ...
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  • I started this project arround 2 or 3 years ago, but I had to pause it, and has been on hold since then for a really long time. I recently decided to finish it, and here's the result. It was done with ...
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  • Hello guys, I want to share my last model , that was for a mini challenge I did with a few friends. This Vampire was quite inspired on Vampire (RPG series). I use this opportunity to study v-ray for ...
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  • howdy just wanted to share a few images i made for a personal project, and also for a tutorial im preparing. hope you dig, let me know if you have any crits or coments. thanx!(你好 只是想分享几张 ...
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